Friday, 7 September 2012

Hindu News (07-09-2012).

#Hindu Root Indian Americans take on more prominence
#Fiji Hindus summarily reject a Christian Conspiracy to convert Fiji as a Christian State.
#Dharana agitation against ban on website of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti at Amaravati.
#Hindu émigrés say fundamentalists forcing them out of Pakistan.
#Dharma-prasar in W. Mumbai by HJS thro’ books exhibition on ‘Dharma-rath’.
#Tibetans protest Chinese defense minister.
#Thane: Representations submitted to Mayor and Police about immersion of idols in flowing water.
#Blaze at India fireworks factory kills at least 40.
#China terms Defence Minister's India visit a success.
#Air India to Get First Boeing Dreamliner Saturday.
#McDonald’s Plans First Vegetarian Restaurants in India.
#World cotton prices unlikely to see a bull run.
#Mamata Banerjee among world’s 50 influential leaders in finance.
#No community can claim majority statusin India: Shashi Tharoor.
#Indian-American doctors to hold global healthcare summit in Kochi.
#NE again in Bangalore: ‘People need time to regain their lost faith’.
#Himwatkhanda-Nepa land Kailash Mansovar the Original Land of Civilization.
* This endeavor to promote Hindu Awareness to public has no motive of personal profit. Courtesy to all news sources.

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